Free Cable when purchasing a battery worth 500 riyals or more

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Whether you need a car oil change, a battery change, or even a tire purchase!
In our EX®️ group, we provide you with the services you need to get you back on track as quickly as possible.

Professional Technicians

Guaranteed Batteries

Service within 1 to 2 hours

What we offer

Best Price

Variety of choices with top quality

Same day service (1-2 hours after confirmation)

within working hours

We'll get you Moving in

If you’re struggling to get going, we can help. Our super reliable battery service is designed to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.


How To Order

1- Get a quote

By submit your request

Or directly send a WhatsApp

2-Make a booking

Our professional Technician is ready to serve you within 1-2 hours of confirming your order

Working hours 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

3- And it's done

Get your battery fixed, all from home


Our mobile van is ready to help you wherever you are

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Driving with a low battery increases the chance of you getting stuck in the road – So don’t ignore the warning signs

– Your car taking longer to start

– Continuous warning to check the engine

– Battery damaged sign

– Battery fluid leak

We are here to help you and our professional team is ready to assist you with the right fit for your vehicle

Click here to contact us via WhatsApp

All batteries are guaranteed for one year against manufacturing defects

Battery replacement and changing oil are currently available in Dammam – Khobar – Qatif

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طريق الملك فهد, الراكة, الخبر 31952, المملكة العربية السعودية King Fahad Road - Rakah - Khobar 31952 , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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سائل تنظيف المحرّك
Engine Oil Flush

لايُمكن تطبيقه دون تغيير زيت المحرك

رغوة تنظيف المكينة
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سائل حماية المحرّك
Engine Protector

لايُمكن تطبيقه دون تغيير زيت المحرك

بخاخ تنقية الجو
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