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الورشة المتنقلة لتغيير الزيت والبطارية

Let Us Handle Your Oil and Battery Replacements

Whether you need an oil change or battery replacement
Book your appointment and we’ll come to you, anywhere in
Dammam, Khobar, or Qatif, change your engine oil and filter,
Battery replacement, and have you back on the road in no time.

Our skilled and experienced technicians are ready to assist you

® Ease your mind with LubeEx

Ease your mind with ®LubeEx

Regularly changing your car’s oil and filter is essential to keep your
engine running smoothly and protected from damage. It’s crucial
to keep up with oil and filter changes to prevent build-up and maintain your car’s optimal performance

We understand that taking your car to a service center for an oil change can be time-consuming. Why not let us come to you? Our mobile oil and filter change service is now available in Dammam, Khobar, and Qatif. Our dedicated team of highly skilled technicians will personally bring all the necessary equipment and expertise right to your doorstep, whether it’s at your home, office, or any other convenient location

Professional technicians

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Mobile oil change and battery replacement

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*Add 7-point vehicle inspection

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Common questions

Engine oil change
Customized filter replacement
Oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, and AC filter
Internal engine cleaning
External engine cleaning using specialized materials
Engine protection additive added to the engine oil (American-made)
Cooling system flush (radiator water)
Radiator water replacement
Battery replacement (We are authorized dealers for TAB batteries and Rhino batteries, available in all sizes)

Certainly, here’s the translation without full stops

– Checking power steering fluid level
– Checking brake fluid level
– Checking radiator water level
– Checking windshield washer fluid level (adding up to a maximum of 1 liter)
– Inspecting the engine filter condition
– Inspecting the AC filter condition
– Checking the car battery (using a diagnostic device that provides a battery condition report)

It’s possible to know the intervals between oil changes and oil filter replacements through the car’s user manual, and it should be changed based on either the distance traveled or the time period

Some recommend changing it every 5000 kilometers, while others suggest changing it every 10,000 kilometers

We always recommend using the oil recommended by the car manufacturer

Mineral oils are derived from crude oils and are recommended for use in engines in moderate climates because they have less resistance to high temperatures and oxidation compared to synthetic engine oils, making them more suitable for winter conditions and low temperatures

For this reason, mineral oils require frequent oil changes, typically after every 5000 kilometers

Enjoy high oxidative stability during combustion inside the engine and maintain the required oil level during operation in challenging conditions, such as high or low temperatures. This ensures complete protection of the engine from corrosion and damage.

One of its most important advantages is that it requires less frequent oil changes. Synthetic oil can last between 5000 to 10000 kilometers

Every brand for manufacturing engine oils has its own unique chemical composition, and mixing oils will result in the chemical components conflicting with each other, which can have a negative impact on the car engine’s performance

We are here to serve you and our professional team is ready to help you with the right fit for your car

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The oil and battery change service is currently available in: Dammam – Khobar – Dhahran – Qatif – Jubail – Riyadh

All available services and filters for us include genuine oils:
Petrol Oil – Total Oil – AC Delco Oil – Castrol Oil – Lexus Oil
Gudereit Oil – Shell Oil – Fox Oil – Motorcraft Oil – Mobil Oil – BMW Oil Toyota Oil – Mercedes Oil