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Additional Product

سائل تنظيف المحرك

Engine Flush

رغوة تنظيف المكينة

Engine Foam

سائل حماية المحرك

Engine Protector

بخاخ تنقية الجو

Clima Fresh

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It depends on the manufacturer. The old-school way was 5000-10,000 KM, but with improvements to oil quality and engine materials, that interval can be pushed to anywhere. Your owner’s manual will detail the interval

Mineral oil, also known as “conventional oil”, is the most basic & affordable type of engine oils, obtained from refined petroleum crude oil. Commonly they are used for a large majority of everyday vehicles.  

Mineral oil is thicker than other oil types which causes a slower flow rate that results in increased fuel consumption. 

Mineral engine oils are less resistant to high temperatures and oxidation compared to synthetic engine oils, and have higher liquid points, which makes them favorable for winter conditions and extremely low temperatures.

And because of that, mineral oils require frequent oil changes, after every 5,000 kilometers.

Synthetic oil is a product of complex chemical transformations that are performed either directly on drilled crude petroleum or using preselected molecules. It undergoes more sophisticated modification.

They hold many advantages:

  • Synthetics don’t break down or sludge up as fast as ordinary mineral-based oils do. In other words, it has less deposit formation which leads to cleaner engines.
  • Better engine protection that increases its health & life span
  • Stable flow performance & viscosity during extreme temperatures
  • Fuel consumption optimization

And not to forget, one of its main perks is that it requires less frequent oil changes. Synthetic oil can last between 5000 to 10,000 kilometers.

However, the main disadvantage of synthetic oils that makes the least favorite to people is that they are slightly more expensive.  

Are you now thinking that mixing up different oil types is ok? Well, no. Mineral oils and Synthetic oils are incompatible in viscosity grades. This incompatibility can cause many problems, such as a reduction of effective additives and an increase in oil thickness which eventually affects the performance of the engine.

That’s why it’s not recommended to mix them up.

We are here to help you and our professional team is ready to assist you with the right fit for your vehicle

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Battery replacement and changing oil are currently available in Dammam – Khobar – Qatif – Jubail

طريق الملك فهد, الراكة, الخبر 31952, المملكة العربية السعودية King Fahad Road - Rakah - Khobar 31952 , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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سائل تنظيف المحرّك
Engine Oil Flush

لايُمكن تطبيقه دون تغيير زيت المحرك

رغوة تنظيف المكينة
Engine Foam

سائل حماية المحرّك
Engine Protector

لايُمكن تطبيقه دون تغيير زيت المحرك

بخاخ تنقية الجو
Clima Fresh